Upload your accepted abstract as word file only!

Many abstracts have already been accepted, some are still under review. The deadline for notification is approaching – one more week.

If your abstract is accepted, you can proceed to the second step of submission. Download the template and bring your extended abstract in good shape for online publication! You need to submit that file (on the sciforum platform called “manuscript”) in a word version in order to receive your DOI.

Currently the system is made for uploading manuscripts in pdf version only. So, pls, don’t worry, just wait. We will notify you once the system has been updated.

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5 comments on “Upload your accepted abstract as word file only!
  1. Marcus Abundis says:

    Please post the link for downloading the publishing template that we should use. Earlier I saw the template posted on SCIforum . . . but it seems to be gone now.

    Thank you

  2. Marcus Abundis says:

    I see it now, thanks much!

  3. asher jospe says:

    the link for submission of accepted abstract says PDF, but the intructions say “word”

    I tried to upload a word file and the system repeatedly is getting back to me refusing the word file and demanding a PDF.

    I ended uploading the PDF version as this was the ONLY acceptable file to the system
    please advice

  4. whofkirchner says:

    Now it’s working. You can upload the word file too. (And you are urged to upload both versions. See the next news!)