The Politics of Uncertainty

Philosopher of Information, Luciano Floridi, known for his recent books “The Fourth Revolution – How the Infosphere is Reshaping Human Reality” (2014), “The Ethics of Information” (2013), and “The Philosophy of Information” (2011), now Director of Research at the OII, the Oxford Internet Institute, one of the top research centers on new media, fixed his keynote: “The Politics of Uncertainty”.

For Floridi, uncertainty is not ignorance. Uncertainty about the answer to a question is an essential ingredient of democratic societies, he will argue. Information society must not be a dogmatic society. Doubts must be able to raise. Have a glimpse at his Guardian op-ed from 1st of September, 2014.

– A reminiscence of Sir Karl Raimund Popper’s “open society”? Or an elaboration of it? Or a tribute to postmodernity? After listening, some will know, some will be uncertain…

Floridi’s keynote will be scheduled for Thursday, 4th of June, 2015.

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