“The Difference that Makes a Difference” (another Conference Stream for our Summit)

This dictum ascribed to a quote from cybernetician and systems thinker Gregory Bateson denotes a series of interdisciplinary workshops organised by David Chapman and Magnus Ramage. Both belong to the Department for Computing and Communication of The Open University in UK.

Chapman and Ramage

They started the series in 2011 with a workshop on information and technology and continued in 2013 with a workshop on information: space, time and identity.

2015 they will join our Summit and organise their third workshop as Conference Stream. The new topic is: information, ethics,  spirituality and religion. A call for papers will be released.

logo 2015

DTMD 2015 is by now the fourth conference that will be held as Summit Conference Stream.

The other streams are:

  • Foundations of Information Science
  • ICTs and Society
  • Philosophy of Information
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