Summit opening day in the world’s first office tower that feeds more energy into the grid than is required for operation and use

The plus-energy office building of the TU Wien on the Getreidemarkt campus (photo: TU Wien)

The Summit programme has been almost fixed for the first day. The content will build a bridge from the natural history of human information (Terry Deacon) to human technology and its assessment (a talk given by Armin Grunwald who is the Head of the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag) to responsible research and engineering in information technology (a panel discussion moderated by Chris Frauenberger from the TU Institute of Design and Assessment of Technology)  – the “dual use” of which indicates its degree of militarisation – to the issue of just war (an experts’ panel organised by the Evangelische Akademie Wien) raised currently when Western states support Kurdish militia with weapons against the Islamic State militia.

Chris Frauenberger

In order to place that bridge we needed to reschedule the start of the Summit and prepone it by 2 hours (12:00) (see schedule) and to change to another location. The new location corresponds to the values discussed at our Summit: It’s a green building with a new standard in energy efficiency: It produces electric power to such an extent that the portion it feeds into the grid is higher than what is needed for operation and use of the house – It’s the Plus-Energie-Bürohochhaus der TU Wien (see venue). The campus Getreidemarkt where it is situated is close to the Freihaus (a 6 min walk only).

(photo: TU Wien)

A grand view of Vienna from the event location – a grand view of information society on the first day (photo: Matthias Heisler)

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