Science of Information Institute

The Science of Information Institute with the headquarters in Washington, D. C., sponsored partly the evening reception. We are very grateful for that.


Mary Jo Deering and Dail Doucette provided the following message for us:

“The Science of Information Institute in Washington DC and Europe wishes all the participants here a great welcome. This Summit will generate insights, which will enrich you and all those you encounter, so you all will have an enhanced perspective on Information as a unique subject.

We see Information as a significant trans-disciplinary contributing field of research and development that can help our current times, culture, and higher education institutions to assist society to move beyond the conventional silos of knowledge and educational department structures, into a more holistic understanding. Information in its larger sense should be seen as the great generator, motivator, inter-connector, and manager of all physical, natural, and human systems and activities.

Your insight will not only influence and transform Information as a field of study, but also bring new and enhanced perspectives to traditional fields of academics, business, and governance activities.

Go forth and creatively engage!”

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