Music, information and symmetry




K. Zenkin Information in music and symmetry
S. Petoukhov Music and the Modeling Approach to Genetic Systems of Biological Resonances
E. Miranda Enhancing the Social Impact of Contemporary Music with Neurotechnology
N. Fedotov The Extensive Study of Adygean Ethno-Music and Sound Therapy in the North Caucasus Mountains influenced the Hypothetical Design of a Sound Therapy System Capable of Creating Balance and Symmetry in the Human Body with  Energetically Forced Sympathy
I. Stepanyan, A. Koblyakov, S. Petoukhov The Genetic Code, the Golden Section and Genetic Music
I. Soshinskiy Two-interval musical scales and binary structures in computer science and biology
A. Kharuto  Musical Information Research In Russia (History And The Present Time)
I. Evin, A. Koblyakov, T. Khabibulin Music and network science
A. Koblyakov Transdimensional relations at the bases of music, symmetry, language, logic and information
A. Igamberdiev The fugal structure as a reflection of the polyphonic pattern of the world
N. Štambuk, Z. Manojlović, P. Turčić, A. Štambuk, P. Konjevoda, N. Gotovac Artificial Proteins and Genetic Code Patterns: Structure, Function, Information and Music
M. Karaseva Professional Social Network for Musicians: A New Technological Approach for Strengthening of Humanitarian Society

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Konstantin Zenkin, Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory
Sergey Petoukhov, International Symmetry Association


The Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory – in co-operation with the International Symmetry Association – organizes special sessions.

The aim of the Track is to bring together musicians, musicologists, computer scientists, mathematicians, biologists and other specialists to develop theoretical and practical tasks in the field of musical culture using achievements of information sciences and the theory of symmetry.