Opening day at Audimax

Due to the strong demand for participation we had to change the plans for the room to be used on the opening day that is reserved for plenary sessions only. We switched to the Audimax, the largest room the TU Wien can provide, allowed for 515 persons. The Audimax stretches across two floors in the tower at Getreidemarkt campus of TU Wien, Getreidemarkt 9, 1060 Vienna. The programme will start at 12:00 and last until 19:30.


For those invited to the evening reception at 20:00, there is also a change in location (the capacity for appropriate space in the tower would be exceeded). Thus after the last session we will move to the Aula in the Freihaus on the second floor. The Freihaus, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10, 1040 Vienna, is the location for all sessions on the following days but Sunday. It is within walking distance (not more than 10 minutes for walking slowly).

Freihaus behind the TU Library on the corner (all photos: TU Wien)

Mind the updated information on page /Venue.


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One comment on “Opening day at Audimax
  1. Marcus Abundis says:

    You mention the program starts at 12p.m. . . . but 10a.m. registration is ALSO being held at Audimax, just to be clear? Please advise if this is not the case, thanks.