Innovation: thinking from the future

Innovations are emergent processes. Though they are emergent and can’t thus be fully controlled, we are part of the game and have an influence on them. How can we facilitate the emergence of innovations that are needful and impact our societies in the right direction?

According to German philosopher Ernst Bloch the possible future shines forth in the here and now as islands of real possibilities (that was his idea of concrete utopia). Some of those possibilities might be taken up, while others might not. Markus Peschl creeps into that question. He has been researching on how we can enable spaces for possibilities to be taken up. In this process, the final cause comes in: we have to think from the possible future in order to identify those possibilities that are not only anchored in current reality but are also wishful.

Markus F. Peschl is professor for Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Science at the University of Vienna. His focus of research is on the question of knowledge (creation/innovation, construction, and representation) in various contexts. Currently he is working in the field of radical innovation where he developed the concepts of Emergent Innovation and Enabling Spaces that have been applied successfully in several industry projects. M. Peschl has published 6 books and more than 130 papers in international journals and collections.

He will give a talk on sustainable innovations. For further information see here.

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