Hello world!

“hello world!” is the default form of address the blog software at hand is suggesting to me. at first glance, my reaction would be to refuse that term and delete it. won’t it tempt me to become presumptuous? shouldn’t i better be more humble and aware of critiques that my post would add to an endless flood of information (meaningless or meaningful) just because of my personal demand for attention?

given, what i want to call for here, however, i feel rather inclined to leave it as it is (though with a certain sense of irony). – anyway, the upcoming summit intends

  • to focus on the state of the world (we have a choice between a possible breakdown and a needed breakthrough)
  • to gather as many concerned world-wide as we can and, eventually,
  • to form a “coalition of the willing” (sorry for that plagiarism – another irony) to contribute to a change (to the worldwide fulfilment of a sustainable information society).

of course, that is ambitious and demanding but – i hope you will agree – it is not pretentious and not a sectarian claim.

pls, have a look at the call for participation. judge by yourself. i hope to be able to welcome you to our initiative.

-wolfgang hofkirchner-

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