Emerging Frontiers of Science of Information

Three Speakers have fixed the topics of their contribution. One is Wojciech Szpankowski, Professor of Computer Sciences at Purdue University. He is Director of one of the Science and Technology Centers that are funded by the US National Science Foundation – the Center for Science of Information, constituted by the best US universities like Princeton, Stanford, Berkeley, San Diego and others besides Purdue.

Their mission is “to advance science and technology through a new quantitative understanding of the representation, communication, and processing of information in biological, physical, social, and engineered systems”.

That’s the figure they provide to show the intersection of Science of Information with other disciplines.

In particular, they have three application thrusts:

  • one for Life Sciences;
  • one for Communication;
  • and one for Knowledge.

The Center is the most advanced research effort related to technologies of and for the information society. Szpankowski will present the challenges of their cutting-edge research. We are looking forward to put their ambitions in the perspective of making the information society a better place on earth.

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