Chinese information studies

Colleagues from China announce a Track on information studies in their country.

This Track will be a window for the international public into China and a window for Chinese scholars into the other world as well!

By doing so that Track serves the goal of the Summit, which is the natural mission of science: to exchange with scientists from different backgrounds, irrespective of the political situation in the world (something that seems to become more difficult now, given the tensions between the U.S., the European Union, and Ukraine, on the one side, and Russia on the other).

The Track is organised by Xueshan Yan from Peking University and Yi-Xin Zhong from the University of Posts and Telecommunications in Beijing. Both are active members of the FIS list and are part of the preparation committee for a China Chapter of the International Society for Information Studies.

Note that this track has a different focus than the ICPI Stream.

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